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It is rather silly. God wants to help us right our messes. He is not too busy. He specializes in taking time with us and helping us through our problems. But in our convenient secular approaches, we waste billions of dollars and much manpower. God wants to lead us through these personal and more broad mission development projects because this is where He shows His might and power. His solutions are totally God-oriented so that we can put our faith and praise in Him rather than ourselves. God often uses those in authority to direct us.

People now-a-days think that they know what is best.

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We should note that God spoke through a leader, Joshua. The people would have missed out on what God wanted if they ignored what Joshua said to them. We will miss out what God is saying if we neglect what those in authority over our lives say to us. This is true with our parents even if they are not Christians. It is true with church leaders and government leaders as well as how wives need to submit to their husbands. We might not like the laws and rules, but where they do not directly conflict with what God has told us to do we should submit to our authorities.

Many of us think far too much of our own thoughts. We hear the world saying that we as individuals know best. But this goes against what God says. It has made believers largely through the educational system. Let me give you a simple illustration. I remember in Junior and Senior high school how my mother regularly told me to enunciate. I did not speak clearly. My voice was low and my words slurred at times. I did not like it when she did this and wrongly resisted correction.

But if I respected my mother, I would have learned much earlier on how God wanted to train me. He spoke to me through her. Who would have thought that in the future I would speak in public? Application: Is there one thing that you are looking for help on or direction in but do not listen to those to whom God has appointed your parents or others in authority? By the way, God spoke to Joshua not the Israelites here. A leader always needs to be more brave.

God would give him a solution, but it would sound ludicrous to tell the Israelites to follow. Leaders always have it more difficult. Pray for them to be faithful. By refusing to seek God and His will through His Word, we are basically depending on our own ability to understand and cope with things.

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Think a moment on how important Joshua is. The Lord comforts and motivates him by these powerful words.

The Book of Joshua

What is so powerful about them? Yahweh God spoke to Joshua. This was not some feeling but personal words that brought confidence and faith. These words commanded to the people would then stimulate confidence and faith in them. God addresses Joshua on the very issue he was struggling with. In this case he was considering how he could take Jericho. But now the ground shook with the roar of two hundred thousand voices.

In consequence, the wall fell down flat. In my childhood I heard a speaker claim that the collapse of the walls had a purely natural cause—namely, the intense sound that buffeted them when the horns blew and the men shouted. Yet although the sound was undoubtedly ferocious, it is highly unlikely that it had enough energy in it to bring down the walls. Finding a natural cause for their collapse misses the point of the story. The point is that Israel had an easy victory because the Lord helped them.

The Lord brought down the walls by supernatural means. If their collapse had been anything but a miracle, the damage to the walls would have less than complete. Portions would have been left standing. The Biblical account of Jericho's destruction provides an unusual opportunity to test whether we can rely on the Bible for true history. The ruins of Jericho still exist, and several teams of archaeologists have studied them in great detail. It turns that a multitude of facts given in the story correspond to visible remains of the city.

You would think that the evidence would compel archaeologists to admit that the Bible is true. No, instead of believing the Bible, they have constructed a dating system which places the fall of Jericho hundreds of years earlier than the exodus. So, they conclude, what we see at Jericho has nothing to do with Joshua.

Who wrote the book?

Yet Christian archaeologists and scholars have presented a very strong case that the popular dating system is untenable, for many reasons. One is that it makes havoc of any sensible dating of events in other regions of the Middle East. Another problem is that throughout Canaan, archaeologists find that not only Jericho, but also every other city occupied before the coming of Israel came to sudden complete destruction.

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The whole land shows clear transition from urban life to pastoral life. To evade this problem, secular scholars place the downfalls of these cities at different times, perhaps even centuries apart. But to justify their dating, they rely on very flimsy evidence, mainly slight or even questionable differences in the kind of pottery found in the ruins.

Overview: Judges

When the walls collapsed, they fell outward. All their stones cascaded down the slope outside the wall, leaving absolutely no protection for the city.

Sermons on Joshua -

Why did the people of Jericho have to die? They died because they hated God. They knew about His great power, but they refused to worship a God who is righteous. They loved their sins too much to forsake them. If any had repented of their sins and turned to God as Rahab did, He would have graciously included them among His own people. They would not have died. Today too there are people who reject God because they do not want to change their ways.